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Disclaimer:  This is a sequel.  Highly suggested to read all of The Women of Latex Hills chapters first as it sets more or less the tone and location of this story.  Latex Hills is an odd city and some its denizens and their behaviour could seem off to someone who hasn't read the prequel.

The Girls of Latex Hills University

"...Mr.Dahl!  Your daughter's been called a 'Living Blow Up Dahl' in the papers.  What do you say to that?" Nicole Peters, a TV reporter, called out from a crowd amassed around a nightclub my father, candidate for the mayor's office Ryan Dahl, was stepping out of.  She held up a copy of the newspaper that made up the moniker.  Shots of the cover were shown on screen.  Pictures I was hoping would never find their way to print.  "It appears she also went through with the rumors that spread saying she would get breast augmentation on her eighteenth birthday" she continued, pointing at his changed daughter on the cover.  Dad hadn't seen me since my birthday trip to Europe, not quite the way I was planning on breaking the news to him.

"Oh my god! I'm in so much trouble" I said out loud to myself.  My father gave a mean stare at Mrs.Peters as he grabbed the newspaper from her hand and slipped into his limo.  I turned off the TV and slipped under my bed sheets.  I certainly couldn't face him.  How could I do something like that to him while he's running in the elections?

The door slammed downstairs.  That broadcast was definately not live, which didn't leave me much time to prepare for the storm that was brewing.  I turned the lights off and curled up in my sheets, trying to fake that I was sleeping.

"How could you do this to me?!?" I heard him yelling from downstairs, the echo of our vast, marble-covered lobby seemingly amplifying his anger.  His steps thundered in the hall as he made his way upstairs to my room.  "Have you lost your mind? THIS close to the elections!" he screamed as he barged into my room and flipped the lights on, seeing me sound asleep in bed.  I shouldn't have tried to snore at that point, a fake snore is so easy to spot.

"You think you're going to fool me?  Like I'm dumb enough to think you're asleep at 2AM?  It's a wonder you're not out there sucking on some random guy you just met" he yanked on the sheets as he said so.  I lay there in my panties and flanel top, which decidedly didn't fit me, pulled tight across my newly increased bust size.  I pulled back on the covers for some decency, he had proven his point anyways, I was awake.  "I thought we had a talk about this, I thought you were through trying to humiliate me!" he said.

"I am! I wasn't trying to humiliate you, I swear!" I defended myself with reason.  About 2 years ago, when my father decided to run for mayor and start gathering support, doing fundraisers and the likes, I started doing some pretty petty things to get his attention because I didn't quite understand just how much a time investment his new goal was.  Having started to fool around with boys at a more or less young age, I used a bit of that to cause a stir, often more serious than I thought should've been.  We had a few talks and I had come to understand how I should stop doing these things and that he would give me attention, that he wasn't doing it on purpose.  So while at first I might've wanted to be caught having sex, now I just had this never ending hunger it seemed.

"Then why do I think the headlines are right when I look at my eighteen year old daughter on the newspapers and one has you on your knees sucking a guy with your breasts out, barely covered by the black censor bar, under the headline 'Living Blow Up Dahl'?  Or how about..." he paused, shuffling through a stack of newspaper he had picked up on his way in, a lot of them with me on the cover.  "...Oooh, here's a cute one" he said sarcastically as he threw the newspapers on my bed.  The one he was talking about had two shots of me side by side, one had been shot as I came into and the other as I was coming out of the surgery clinic with round fake breasts pushing on my top.  The headline simply said "Stripper-size me!" in bold lettering.  Then I looked back at the original cover, showed it at my father and tried to explain.

"I didn't see the photographer, I was sure I hadn't been followed" I tried to defend myself.

"I don't think so" he said accusingly, taking the paper from my hand and shaking it a bit.  A brown envelope fell down from within it's pages.  "What's next Tricia? The cover of Seventeen with 'Tricia Dahl: 3 tips to get a man's cum out of your hair'?" he didn't leave me a chance to reply and just slammed the door behind him as he stormed out as quick as he came in.  I just threw a pillow at the door and started sobbing.  In all the trouble I had put him in before, he had never reacted this strongly, or this harshly.

I picked up the brown envelope and emptied it's contents on my bed.  The envelope contained more pictures from the same set as the one with me sucking that guy in the parking lot behind a nightclub.  I could hardly pretend not to have spotted the photographer as right after I'm done with the guy, the series of pictures have me walking towards the photographer and doing my number on him, all the while smiling at the camera.  The serie ends with a fitting portrait of myself, smiling at the camera with the photographer's cum all over my face and hair.  "Oh... poor daddy, what have I done?" I whispered to myself.  I dried my tears up and stood up, walking towards the door.  I opened up to see my dad, his head in his hands sitting at the top of the stairs.  I went over and sat next to him, lying my head on his shoulder.  "I'm sorry about all this, I'm sorry for lying about the photographer.  I should probably go away until the elections or something, I just can't control myself..." I started, my nose still stuffed from having cried.  He raised his head and sighed.

"I can't possibly ask you to do that" he told me, reaching an arm around my waist to comfort me.  As he lay his hand down he awkwardly retracted it after touching the side of my left breast.  I just grabbed his hand back and placed it lower so he wouldn't touch me.

"I know you didn't mean to... I'm still getting used to them too" I tried to joke about it.  He chuckled a bit, which was a good start.

"I might have been a bit hard on you earlier... I wish I hadn't seen that last picture" he regretted someone hadn't warned him.  After a pause he continued, "I met someone earlier tonight.  She reminded me of a place that could be good... better for you.  A place where you could do something with this... I don't know how you want to call it... of yours.  It's a second house we own, I could go visit you once in a while.  I swear no paparazzi will follow you there.  Your mom and I were hoping it didn't have to come to this, but like I said, I personally don't feel like asking you to leave.  Elections or not, sadly"

What troubled me was the sincerity mixed with so much sadness in his voice, as if he had completely given up on the elections.  I personally didn't want the whole trouble my father and I had gone through over the past two years to be in vain.  "I'll go, I don't want you to give up, just tell them I went to get some help for my sex addiction or something" I offered.  He brightened up and looked at me.

"You would do that?  You would step out of the public eye for a while?" he asked though it seemed like a no brainer, I wondered why he didn't actually force me or at the very least take away my credit cards.

"Sure, I'll do it.  Things have to change, right?" I asked, refering to my uncontrollable addiction and oddly enough, his campaign slogan.

"Right..." he just replied, staring blankly in front of himself.

"I'm gonna go sleep now, I guess I could leave tomorrow so this whole situation can be over as quick as possible" I offered as I stood up and headed for my room.

"Yeah..." he said, tired.  "...I'll have someone from the company drive you there tomorrow".  He stretched and stood up to head downstairs as I got into my bedroom.  

For the last time.

I woke up feeling groggy.  A low humming sound nagging at me, I tossed for a second before realizing I wasn't in my comfy bed.  My head wasn't resting on my comfy pillow.  I propped myself up on my elbows and looked around, still a bit sleepy.

"I'm in a van?" I yawned out before rubbing my eyes.  The sound that woke me up was the engine.  Had I not been in a similar situation before, maybe I would've panicked as I saw the rest.  At first my sights went to my makeshift pillow, I had been resting my head on a tightly folded up lovedoll, just like my father's company produced.  On my left, the whole side of the van was lined with a mirror.  "This is a lovemobile!!  Eeewww, tacky!" I said to myself, wondering how low my standards had gone as I felt down near my panties, looking for the usual patches of dried cum I'd find certain mornings, with a splitting hangover.  Neither cum stains or hangover this morning.  Didn't I go to sleep in my bed last night?

I looked on my right and a huge plasma screen lined the other side of the van.  "Alright, tacky but at least he's got money and... taste" I thought as I unfolded the doll in front of me.  It was a pretty doll too, even deflated you could tell it's face looked very realistic, it didn't look cheap.  Out of curiosity, I brought her inflation valve up to my mouth and started blowing into the doll when I saw a remote lying next to me on my mattress.  A sticky note on the remote pointed to one button and it read 'Press Me!'.  Still inflating the doll, I reached for the remote and pressed the button.  The screen lit up with a crystal clear picture of my father.

"Hi sweetheart..." he said calmly as the doll slowly took shape in my hands, "Sorry for the rude awakening.  I had Carl pick you up at 4am last night because I didn't want to take the risk that either you or I would change our mind about this..." the video continued when the doll I was inflating sprung to life in my hand.  She gasped for air and flailed her arms about wildly.  I threw her away from me in shock.  She sounded like she was crying and was trying to reach around her back to plug her inflation valve.  Unable to reach it, her cries were mixed with whimpers and moans as she lost half her shape and lay immobile, the air slowing it's flow out of her.  I just sat back in shock and pressed 'Pause'on the remote.

"I didn't just see that, this is impossible!" I decided.  I looked at the doll for a minute before looking back at the screen, ready to resume the video.  I put down the remote and crawled back towards the doll again.  I took her valve up to my lips again and blew into her, bringing her slowly back up to shape.  As she neared capacity, the doll started moving again, this time a bit more controlled.  She slowly massaged her inflated breasts as she seemed to be cumming in my hands while she finished inflating.  I quickly pushed her valve in and set her down on the mattress where she started sobbing again, curled up in a fetal position, her back to me.  I recognized that voice somehow.  "Are... are you ok?" I asked it.

"Leave me alone!  Don't look at me!" she barked back.  That sounded like the reporter who called me a doll on TV.

"Mrs.Peters?" I reached over to the doll to turn her over to face me, she just swatted my arm away with her plastic hand.

"Get your hand away from me, you uneducated pneumatic slut!" she yelled, turning over in time to see her mouth return to it's more natural O shape.  

"Hey! I'm educated!" I replied, a bit ticked.  I was tempted to deflate the ungrateful thing right there.  After a moment I broke the silence.  "What are y... I mean, who... I mean, you're Mrs.Peters from TV, right?  The one who called me a blow up doll?" I asked her.

"I am Nicole Peters, yes, and surprised you can recognize me with the form I've taken" she said, covering her wide open pussy and mouth out of self-consciousness, leaving her bare breasts uncovered, which seemed to have lower priority than hiding her rubberdoll mouth.  She felt my stare on her shiny skin and sexually exaggerated lovedoll body.

"Would someone uneducated know the definition of irony?" I threw at her, smiling at my remark, still a bit mad at the embarassing situation in which she put me and my father in late last night.

"Fuck you! Fuck you and your perverted father who did this to me!  I still consider you more of an inflatable fucktoy than I am, as plastic skinned and helplessly deflatable as I am!" she said bitterly.

"My father's not perverted.  Why would he even do this to you?" I asked her.

"Because I knew about Latex Hills, the city his company, Xetal Holdings, owns and operates.  That's why!"

"Latex Hills?!  What the hell is that?" I didn't expect her answer, but then I wasn't expecting a conversation with a living blow up doll either.

"Stop playing dumb, Tricia.  Of all people, you should know about your father's operations in that secret city of his.  Surely he wouldn't send his precious overinflated slut of a daughter to take me there if she didn't.  Why would he use you to take me there then?" she asked both to me and herself.  I scratched an itch on my right arm.  Then the answer hit her.  "Oh my g... you're not taking me!  You're being taken!" she laughed out, pointing at the small bandage I was scratching on my arm.  She laughed incontrollably, though I really couldn't see what was so funny.  What's this whole Latex Hills business she speaks of?

Nicole started crawling towards me and inadvertantly hit 'Play' on the remote.

" while my encounter with Mrs.Peters may not have turned out the way I wanted..." the video came back to life.  "YOU BET YOUR ASS IT DIDN'T!" Nicole interjected, punching the screen with her empty hand.  "...the whole incident did remind me of the urgency of dealing with your... little problem." he continued.  I scratched and looked at the small bandage on my arm, wondering why I had that in the first place, my skin was bruised and blue underneath it.  But as I looked at it, my skin got it's rosy tint back in front of my eyes.  I rubbed my hand against my skin, not feeling the itch or pain anymore.  As a matter of fact, it seemed pretty smooth compared to how it had been seconds ago.  So much so that the bandage lost it's grip and fell down, showing my perfect skin under it take a certain sheen to it.

"...I thought about it last night when you said you were willing to leave the house to get treatment.  That's why I've chosen to send you to Latex Hills instead" his mention of the name got my attention back to him for a moment.  After a brief pause, he continued.

"I hope I've done the right thing for you.  You see, Latex Hills is a community that's been kept secret for the longest time because the general populace wouldn't comprehend how it's people choose to live their lives.  Some people would be disgusted by it even.  Mrs.Peters might very well feel this way at this moment.  I'm hoping her time there will prove me wrong.  Nicole used to be a much more vibrant person in the past... but that's a story I should keep for another time" he paused, Nicole just looked away, lost in memory.

I looked back at my right arm and saw it had changed.  As if my bruise going away wasn't strange enough, the skin on my arm really was turning shiny, almost like Nicole.  She actually saw it too and started laughing again.

"I knew it! I can't believe he actually did it, he's getting rid of you..." she laughed out loud, pointing at my changing arm.

"Getting rid of me? What do you mean? What's happening to me?" I asked, pushing my fingers into my right arm easily.  "My arm..."

"Don't you get it? He's doing the same thing he did to me... that injection you had" she pointed at my arm.  "He did it to you too... his own daughter, a cheap latex blow up doll" she chuckled.  Then after a long pause, my father started talking again on the video.

"Is it done? Did it happen yet?" he asked at the camera.  "Tricia... you will not be getting any treatment for your sex addiction.  That's what we had Latex Hills built for.  That's why I chose this... future for you.  You will finally be able to live life at it's fullest and you won't have to worry about me."

"By turning her into a walking balloon?!? That's the best!" she kept going, I finally pressed 'Pause' since I wasn't going to be able to watch the video.

"Look...mmmhh..." I got distracted as I rubbed my right arm's skin trying to understand it.  "...I don't know what you did to my father or why he did this to you but...uunnnghhh..." I looked at my right arm, which now looked exactly like Nicole's own arms, an air-filled tube of latex.

"It's you! It's all because of you! Because I stupidly quoted an article I didn't even write on the air.  Because I called you a doll he had me turned into one... and the bastard then turns you into one himself.  I can't believe this is happening!" the panicked rubber newscaster rambled on.  I just continued exploring the changes happening to me.  With my rubberized right arm, I grabbed my normal looking left arm and pressed my fingers into it.  Despite it's fleshy appearance, my other arm was also filled with air.  "Never again..." Nicole said, "Your bones, your skin, your tongue and teeth... you'll never see them again.  That's what he's done to you!" she taunted me, looking at me transform in front of her eyes.

A lightness came to my chest, which seemed weird considered the few pounds I had put on a few days ago.  I cupped my breasts with both hands through my tight flanel pajama top.  The side covering my right breast seemed to shift easily over the smooth skin it covered.  I pulled up my tight top, uncovering my breasts in front of the former news reporter.  At that moment I could see my right breast had taken the same look as my right arm, the shiny balloon-like breast had seemingly risen up as if my implants didn't weight anything anymore.  I looked at my left tit and saw it mimic the first one.  It started to rise up as seams started appearing, tracing large circles where my breasts met my chest.  It then slowly turned to a bland flesh tone and my skin took a shine like highly polished rubber, my nipples and areolas turning a bright shade of pink.  I dug my fingers into my breasts, expecting to feel my implants but instead cleaving into what seemed to be just air.  I released my breasts and they went back to their perfectly spherical shape.

"How do you think you'll ever go out like this?  You think you can still go clubbing?  Think you can still meet guys looking like a vulgar sextoy?  Even if you can still move, who would look at dolls seriously with the way you and I both look?" Nicole kept bugging me, finally jerking a few tears from my eyes.  

"Stop it! Stop saying these things, I want to go out again.  I can't look like a doll!" I protested, even though I was feeling my breasts and thought quite the opposite.  I turned away from the TV screen to the other side of the van, looking at the mirror.  I could see the shiny plastic skin go down my torso and up my neck.  I looked over at Nicole who was laughing at me and I couldn't help but stare at the rubber coating the tunnel of her O shaped mouth.  I looked back at myself in the mirror to see the same happening to me.  I cried softly as I saw the pink rubber run up my throat from inside, my tongue and teeth became bright pink for a second before melting away under the rubber coating the insides of my mouth.  I could see a perfect tube running down at least a foot before I couldn't see anything from the darkness.  My lips turned red and shiny, exaggerated like the rest of my body.  I was all bright colors and the shine that covered me would never be hidden under any type of make-up.  Me being a doll is something I would never be able to hide.  I would've cried tons more about it if the rubber reaction hadn't reached my eyes, turning them to painted features, unable of crying.  I just sobbed, ashamed of what I was becoming.  "This can't be!" I watched my rubber mouth form the words.

"It can and it is, your father thought better of you as a deflatable balloon girl.  An exaggerated form of the female shape, a shiny air-filled companion for males to pump cum into" she exacted revenge on me as if she was the one who had decided to make me a doll in the first place.  Her anger towards my father targeted at the next best thing, his daughter.  

" father wouldn't do this unless it was a good thing..." I tried to rationalize, which was a certainly crazy thing to do considered I looked at my left arm now and realized the top half of my body had turned to plastic like my mate.  I looked down to see the latex run into my panties. I suddenly came on the spot as I felt my vagina turn, arching my back uncontrollably.  As I came down from my orgasm, I looked down and saw my wide open rubber pussy poking out the top of my panties.  I looked at my rear in the mirror and saw the same, my plasticized anus had moved up and half of it showed past the elastic waistband of my undies.

"Oh, I'm sure it's all the rage with the boys where we're going!" she teased again, making a remark at my organs who had shifted upwards on my body.

"Enough!" I jumped on her.  We wrestled on the mattress as I felt my legs getting tighter, pushing her back I managed to have a peak at them only to see the obvious.  Running out from my panties, the latex had completely covered my legs, taking away any likeness of humanity I still had away.  Seeing my fate sealed, I felt weak and didn't feel like fighting anymore.  Nicole overpowered me and pinned me to the floor, only to be jerked away from me as I bucked from the orgasm that hit me when what I guessed was my inflation valve came out of my back.  I pushed back and came on top of Nicole, looking at myself in the mirror.  Out of my back I could see my valve sticking out.  If it wasn't for the thoughts Nicole put in my head, I found the reflection of our two plastic bodies quite sexy.  As we wrestled about, Nicole's elbow hit the 'Play' button on the remote.

"But don't be fooled into thinking life as a doll is bad or anything..." I looked back at the TV.  "'s quite normal in fact.  Latex Hills has all the stuff you like.  Nightclubs, malls, everything.  And all the girls your age are dolls too, so you won't be alone or anything" he continued.  I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"I'm probably not the best person to be telling you that though.  Your mom thought she could say a few words..."

"MOM!" I yelled out in surprise.  He told me she had disappeared shortly after I was born.  Nicole took this moment of distraction to reach around me and pop me open.  "Oh my goood! mmmmhh..." I moaned as the air escaped my body.  As I came from the deflation, I cupped my ridiculously large breasts for a girl of my age, feeling them lose their round shape in my hands.  "You bitchhhh..." I managed to say with much effort before feeling too faint from the loss of shape and the continuous orgasm.  As she laughed at me, I saw Nicole freeze in the middle of her laughter, her arms and legs slowly spreading in a more classic doll pose, her hands releasing me.  As she lay on her back immobile, I was deflating on her stomach, finally falling flat against her smooth skin.

I never got to hear the end of that video, the last I remembered of it was a young girl about my age with shiny skin appear on screen before I lost consciousness.  It was also the last I saw of Nicole as we began our lives as dolls.
DISCLAIMER: This is a sequel set in a special place, it is recommended to read previous chapters in the series to know a bit about what goes on in Latex Hills. The story The Women Of Latex Hills is the starting point to this whole 'universe'.

The sequel to Women of Latex Hills: The Girls of Latex Hills University.

It follows the life of Tricia Dahl, daughter of Xetal Holdings CEO Ryan Dahl.

Tricia's father never told her of Latex Hills, a city he's in charge of, until the day he decides to move her to the town.

The tale follows Tricia's introduction to life in Latex Hills and all it's quirks.
bubbleguy Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2011
Well, very cool story, I hope you will return one day to the LH series. This particular idea of inflatable girls wrestling and deflating each other is a very neat and good potential for a new series revolving around some sort of 'fight club'
Isn't it?
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